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“Bo Ssäm” Night

Posted in "Bo Ssäm" Nights, Menu, Party, Swish By Han by Leeto Han on February 3, 2010

10hrs Roasted Pork Shoulders

Hoisin, House Kimchi, "Ssäm Jang": spicy fermented soybean paste

"Bo Ssäm" Party

“Bo Ssäm” is a traditional Korean dish where steamed pork belly is served to be wrapped up in any leaf veggies, like red leaf lettuce and/or sesame leaf, and served with plenty of raw oysters. But steamed pork seemed a little boring to us. We replaced the steamed pork belly with a 4lb pork shoulder slow roasted for 10hrs (fall off the bone status). Raising the heat in the last 30mins gave the scored-skin a nice crisp and crackle. Accompanied by our house kimchi, hoisin sauce, and momma Han’s secret “ssämjang.”

How to eat SBH “Bo Ssäm”:

1) Grab a lettuce leaf.

2) Place any or all accoutrements (hoisin, kimchi, “ssämjang”) in lettuce.

3) Tear a piece of the shoulder, place on top of accoutrements.

4) Top the package off with an oyster.

5) Stuff into mouth.

6) Love life.

This is off the normal menu here at SBH, but can be reserved a day in advance (call 647-343-0268).

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