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Menu Update 2014

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Menu Update 2014

Menu 2014

Drinks by Han

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Current Drinks 2012




















Current Drink Specials:

Whiskey Smash: JD Whiskey + Mint + Lemon + Honey

Seoul Train: Stoli Vodka + Lychee Puree + Lime + Pomegranate Syrup + Lychee Juice

Big Bullocks: Pimm’s Cup + Lemon + Pure Cane Sugar + Soda + Cucumber Foam

Rotten Apple: Absolut Orient + Lemon + Mint + Honey + Ginger Beer

New Year’s Resolution

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With the new year, comes new goals and “resolutions.” Thanks to all the fans, friends, and family of the SBH Crew, 2011 was a great year for us. One of the main reasons we had created SBH was to showcase South Korean culture that which has never been seen outside of Korea. I believe that, slowly but surely, Toronto has opened up its eyes to the beauty that is Korea outside of just Korean BBQ and Bibimbaps (there’s really still so much more).

2011 Accomplishments:

1)The media has been good to us: Toronto Life

2)2nd Food Truck Eats was awesome. 3000 total orders of tacos, buns, and banh mi in 4 hours. Shout out to Suresh Doss for helping bring food trucks a little closer to Toronto

Slinging Tacos









3) Desserts by Han:

Pressed apple tarte tatin tops pecan pie with a cinnamon bavarois creme

Blueberry & bourbon tart + walnut & banana wafer crust + lemon custard mousse













4) Generally Korean food has become a staple “Torontonian” outing. The overall fascination with the cuisine and culture brings great joy to the SBH Crew. We can only go up from here, since there is so much more to be discovered.

2011 Regrets:

1) Travelzoo, Groupon, Living Social, etc. have changed the dining scene. Everything can really be approached in either a positive or negative. Unfortunately, it seems the deals have brought a new (unnecessary) level to what diner’s perceive as customer service. Please support restaurants and don’t just chase a discount. Never again.

… that’s acutally our only regret.

2012 Resolutions:

1) New spot by mid-year. Swish by Han was a long process to become what it is today, but we loved every step it took and can’t wait to spread our wings. Conceptually, we will always be framed around Korea. You might ask “what else can be done?” Just wait 🙂

2) Update blog more frequently. No excuses, just have been pure lazy.

3) Hopefully Toronto’s Bloor and Christie could one day become like NYC’s 32nd and Broadway.

Bloor & Christie

Midtown Manhattan

3) As always, let’s just all have some fun. Eat, drink, love. Life is short, live it up ya’ll

Finally, An Update…

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Some pictures of invention:

Spicy Pork Neck Tacos

"Kimchi" Pears with Stilton









Ssäm Trio: Short Ribs/Pork/Veggie

Ssäm Trio: Short Ribs/Pork/Veggie















Korean "Pork and Beans"


1st Year: Dammnnn

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First off… its damn hot as hell.

Now that SBH has gone through its first year I can see lots have changed. We’ve all grown, learning from our loses and triumphs. Its been hell of a year and we don’t expect the next year to be anything less. SBH would just like to thank all those returning customers… you all know who you are… and all future customers… who have yet to come experience korean food our way. Keep eating and “ssäm”ing.

Things coming up at SBH:

1) Sapporo on tap ($15 pitchers?)

2) More desserts introduced. Yeaaaaa… sorry guys we need to work on some korean treats (Yuza” Milkshakes?)

3) Seasonal menu change

PS: you guys take some pretty beautiful pictures. (props to Mr. Bernard Chan, these pics are awesome… come by for a Yuza Milkshake on me….. hehe)


The Good & the “Not So Good”

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We learn a lot from feedback of these reviews/press and naturally one would say the big “f” you to the negatives, but of course we all have room for improvement. So here’s a look at the past year’s “good and bad” of SBH:

Our first ever review, about 2weeks in by infamous Corey Mintz:


Weekly lunch pick by TorontoLife:


“Just Opened” TorontoLife feature:


Metro Newspaper by Stephanie Dickison:


Our online reservation site, OpenTable’s feedback/reviews:


Comedian/Food Enthusiast Jeffery Danson: